Review: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #3

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4-kids-walk-3-6Great things come to those who wait is a saying that doesn’t always come true, but in the case of 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #3, it absolutely does. I cannot think of another title in recent memory, where after only two issues released, people were begging for the next one. Sure, there are a lot of good series in the last few years that blew me away, but 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank just felt so damn familiar, and yet so damn new. I’ve heard The Goonies comparison, and I do get that, but really you can insert many films from that era that really understood how kids talked, acted, and didn’t under estimate how they can go from being brilliant to moronic within a couple of minutes.

Matt Rosenberg has really taken 2016 by storm. From this title and Civil War 2: Kingpin, as…

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