Review: Action Comics #969

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ac_cv969_dsAction Comics #969 continues the fantastic run by Dan Jurgens featuring Superman, Super Lex, Lois, another version of Clark Kent, Superboy, and so much more. This arc is dealing with two aliens who have claimed they are on Earth to stop Lex for not what he has done in the past, but what he will do in the future. The Slayer of Gods, L’Call has brought Lex to the planet of Nideesi in a distant galaxy. We learn a lot more about L’Call and Zade, and get a look into their motives, and a get very touching look at L’Call and his wife and daughter. This really makes the Godslayer, who seemed like a straight up villain before this moment, a deeper character. There is one scene in particular that explains why he stopped fighting Superman when Superboy begged him to in a previous issue. It really made that line…

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