Review: Batman #12

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bm_cv12_dsWhen I first finished Batman #12, I was left wanting more. After the twist at the end of the last issue involving Catwoman, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen with the Bat, the Cat, and Bane. Instead, we are given an issue where Batman fights his way through hundreds of men again to get to Bane and Psyco Pirate, who is now joined by Catwoman. I did enjoy the issue when I finished it, but I enjoyed it so much more after I had thought about it. That’s what Tom King does. He is giving us a layered version of Batman, and I am really enjoying that.

We get another letter told throughout the comic, but instead of it being from Catwoman, this time it is from Batman. I really enjoyed the raw look at the man behind the mask. With how vulnerable he was in…

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