Review: Reborn #2

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reborn02_coveraIn Reborn #2, we get a deeper look at the world where people go when they die. It is much like Heaven and Hell, or in this book, Adystria and the Dark Lands. Adystria is for the good, and the Dark Lands is for the bad. This is not just for humans, but for pets as well. We saw with Roy-Boy, Bonnie’s dog that died years ago joining her and her father, Big Tom in Adystria in the first issue. Oh, and speaking of pets, this issue has Bonnie’s former cat who is now known as General Frost serving the big bad, Lord Golgotha, the leader of the Dark Lands. That’s right, a cat General with the ability to bring ice spikes from the ground. Maybe I got a little to excited at this reveal, but again, it’s a cat who’s a General, and he’s not happy about that…

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