Review: Violent Love #1

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violentlove01_coveraViolent Love #1isn’t the first crime romance story we’ve seen, and it certainly won’t be the last. Over the years there’s been Bonnie and Clyde, True Romance, Natural Born Killers, and more. This book reminded me of a combination of them. It had similar themes to those films, and while it isn’t accidental, it can form an intriguing narrative. Within the first few pages of the comic, Violent Love gives us a little glimpse at the ending of the story, without giving us every detail.

The story written by Frank J Barbiere is said to be inspired by true events. It starts with a young girl named Penny visiting someone she calls Mr. Lou who appears to be her grandfather or a family friend. Mr. Lou used to be a lawman who is now older and retired living in Texas in 1987. When Penny sees the…

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