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Review: AD: After Death Book One

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adbook01_coverartAD: After Death Book One has been described as part comic and part prose. When I first heard that, I wasn’t sure exactly what the creators meant, but now it makes complete sense. This book may not be for everyone, as it can be very wordy, but it really shines the more writer Scott Snyder got to write. Even if you do not like wordy comics, I would still give this a chance, because it is something very special, and it doesn’t feel like a comic.

The story is narrated by Jonah Cooke, as he looks back at his own memories. I could relate to a lot of Jonah’s childhood, and to the message of family that is this books heart. I mean that when I say it, this book has heart. There is a longer part, I believe in the middle where Snyder’s words spoke to me in a…

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Review: Ether #1

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EtherIt’s strange for me sometimes to read a Matt Kindt book where he isn’t doing the art. I realize he’s made them, and his writing can stand on its own, but he leaves big shoes to fill as an artist in Ether #1. Well, I am happy to say that David Rubin rises to the occasion in a big way. One of the first things you’ll notice is the fantastic cover (the Lemire variant is also beautiful) where our hero, Boone is split between both Earth and the magical realm of Ether. It really catches the eye and is one of my favorite covers I’ve seen in awhile. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it is hard not to with comic books, and this cover should get people’s attention. Rubin’s art inside the book is just as good. He brings everything to…

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Review: Kill or Be Killed #4

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killorbekilled04-coverDylan is getting himself into a mess. In Killed or Be Killed #4, he may have just made things much worse than they were. With our hero (if he can be called that), acting on impulse and research, he finds his next victim. It all seemed to make sense. He planned everything out. He was trying to help those poor Russian girls at the strip club that seemed to a part of some kind of trafficking or prostitution. Just take out the bad man, and free them. Right? Our main character gets a dose of reality in this issue, and a reminder that things don’t always go as planned. Ed Brubaker is having a good time putting the fish out of water Dylan through some situations he has never been in, both in his vigilante and personal life, and I can’t help but root for him to do the…

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Review: Reborn #2

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reborn02_coveraIn Reborn #2, we get a deeper look at the world where people go when they die. It is much like Heaven and Hell, or in this book, Adystria and the Dark Lands. Adystria is for the good, and the Dark Lands is for the bad. This is not just for humans, but for pets as well. We saw with Roy-Boy, Bonnie’s dog that died years ago joining her and her father, Big Tom in Adystria in the first issue. Oh, and speaking of pets, this issue has Bonnie’s former cat who is now known as General Frost serving the big bad, Lord Golgotha, the leader of the Dark Lands. That’s right, a cat General with the ability to bring ice spikes from the ground. Maybe I got a little to excited at this reveal, but again, it’s a cat who’s a General, and he’s not happy about that…

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Review: Violent Love #1

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violentlove01_coveraViolent Love #1isn’t the first crime romance story we’ve seen, and it certainly won’t be the last. Over the years there’s been Bonnie and Clyde, True Romance, Natural Born Killers, and more. This book reminded me of a combination of them. It had similar themes to those films, and while it isn’t accidental, it can form an intriguing narrative. Within the first few pages of the comic, Violent Love gives us a little glimpse at the ending of the story, without giving us every detail.

The story written by Frank J Barbiere is said to be inspired by true events. It starts with a young girl named Penny visiting someone she calls Mr. Lou who appears to be her grandfather or a family friend. Mr. Lou used to be a lawman who is now older and retired living in Texas in 1987. When Penny sees the…

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