Review: Civil War II: Kingpin #4

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civil-war-ii-kingpin-4-coverI am still catching my breath from that finale.

Who would have guessed that a Civil War II side book about the Kingpin that only had a four issue run would be one of my favorite Marvel series of 2016? I will put this book up there with anything Marvel has put out this year. That is including the excellent series, The Vision. I know that is a high accolade, but Civil War II: Kingpin #4 was that good. Too often, the final issue of a miniseries finds a way to coast to the end, and just give us a conclusion. I have read a few series like this lately, and have come away disappointed after being so excited with the first few issues. This book doesn’t have that problem. After the intense fight between The Punisher and Kingpin in the last issue, it was going to be hard…

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