Agents Of Shield Mini Review – Raise A Little Hell!


Robbie Reyes from the comics (left) vs Robbie Reyes from Agents of Shield (right)

When I heard that Agents of Shield was bringing in Ghost Rider this season, I didn’t know what to expect.  Sure, part of me was excited, but there was a part of me that was worried.  As a fan of the Inhumans, especially the book Inhuman, I was excited when they announced Lash would be a character last season.  That was, until I saw him in action.  Some people forgave the weird makeup and costume over time, but I always had trouble with it.  Every time Lash walked onto a scene, he was supposed to bring fear and frighten everyone around him, and certainly the actor who portrayed him could do just that.  He was a large man with a very intimidating scowl, but there was something off.  It wasn’t quite b movie quality bad to me, but just not good enough for a superhero show of this caliber.  Thankfully, all of that worry is gone with Ghost Rider.  Sure, it’s only one episode, but right away I can see the differences.  Much improved CGI, better makeup and costumes, and just an overall higher production value.

Sem título.png

Lash from the comics (left) vs Lash from Agents of Shield (right)

The show also felt darker right from the opening sequence.  Insert your usual gang of gun toting henchmen in an SUV.  A car follows, but not just any car.  A badass black and chrome Dodge Charger.  Oh and not just a Dodge Charger, but a Dodge Charger where the wheels turn to flame and leave streaks of fire right before it smashes into the SUV carrying the henchmen.  There is an amazing scene in this sequence where the car flips into the air before landing again as it turns to flame.  My jaw was hung open the whole time, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of CGI here.  As the Rider approaches some of the injured henchmen, one of them is seemingly killed off camera as blood sprays across the next victim’s frightened face.  Again, this is a part of the darker tone the show is going to take advantage of with being in it’s new 10PM time slot.  I won’t spoil any more, but if you were like me, and you liked this show but always hoped for some better effects, and some darker elements, give Agents of Shield another chance.  It’s always been a fun show, but now it wants to raise a little hell.


The calmer, gentler, non flaming skull murdering side of Robbie Reyes on Agents of Shield



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